Lisa Dettinger resides in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin with her husband of 28 years. They have three homeschool graduates who constantly amaze and inspire them. Lisa has a degree in education that spans PK-12, and has taught professionally in California and Wisconsin at the elementary, middle, high school, and college levels. She has been teaching writing classes for grades 4-12 since 2010 (the inspiration for her two writing e-courses), and her own writing has been published for university classes, teaching journals and virtual charter schools. Lisa has presented various seminars and workshops for children, teachers, and parents in public schools, private schools, university-model schools, churches, and homeschool support groups. She has also been blessed to use her skills and experience as a certified life coach to publish books, create an e-course for homeschool moms, and to run a private school in her home. The name of her business, “PowerHouse Educational Resources,” reflects her desire for “God’s Power in Our Home.” 

Fun Facts

Lisa lit a school carpet on fire while teaching a 6th grade science class in Beverly Hills.

As an elementary school teacher Lisa transformed her classroom into a farm (complete with hay bales), an Italian restaurant (her students served spaghetti), a dinosaur museum (with life size 3D dinosaurs), and a space station.

One of the all-time favorite homeschool projects in the Dettinger home: mummifying a chicken (for a unit about ancient Egypt)!  And yes, the smell was a bit nauseating.

Lisa was once told by a group of women in Paris, France that she speaks French like Jodie Foster. She's also made waves at various local farmers' markets by communicating with some of the vendors in Hmong, their native language. 

While coaching high school volleyball, Coach Dettinger's team nicknamed her "Sunny D."

While teaching in the Los Angeles area, Lisa was able to meet some Hollywood celebrities who were her students' parents. 

Interested in Christian life coaching? Contact Lisa to set up a free consultation.

Life Coach Certification: Klemmer Coaching Academy
Affiliated: Professional Christian Coaching Institute
     Coaching for Clarity and Momentum
     Coaching for Spiritual Formation
Certified: Color Code Interpersonal Skills Trainer

Contact Lisa with inquiries about speaking for your church group, camp, homeschool group, support group, workshop, or conference.

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