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Get support for you, so you can be the Supermom you were created to be.

Be equipped.

Be empowered.

Be encouraged.

Join Supermoms Coaching Club for access to:

Eight pre-recorded and thought-provoking teaching sessions from Christian life coach, teacher, author, and 17-year homeschool veteran Lisa Dettinger.

Printable Activation Guides to accompany pre-recorded teaching sessions.

Individual coaching available upon request. 

Multiple candid interviews with beloved homeschool publishers and authors.

Membership to the private Supermoms Coaching Club Facebook Group for added support and fellowship.

Reviews from other Supermoms

This course has allowed me to refocus my outlook and keep my eye on the ultimate prize (raising my kids to love and serve the Lord). Lisa has a way of speaking straight to my heart. Her questions and thought provoking words are wise and truly honoring to the Lord. She reaffirms all of her points with the uncompromised Word of God. I have been challenged, reassured and encouraged that I am who Christ has designed me to be and I can walk in Divine confidence because of this truth.

If you are needing a direct and solid course to help you sustain your calling as a homeschool mom or even as a Christian then I strongly recommend this course. You won’t be disappointed.

The time and effort you have offered me during these weeks to echo and highlight God’s truth has been priceless. I needed some good ole reminding of I what I knew but wasn’t necessarily walking in. I have gleaned so much. Thank you.

...I feel incredibly connected to you all through these meetings and am always amazed how the Lord does that! I’ve never met you in person yet you’re my precious sisters and it almost feels emotional that the course is almost over!

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