Homeschool Record Keeping Scrap Book!

The first time I saw a fellow homeschool mom’s school scrapbook I was completely intimidated. She was one of those homeschool moms who had it all together and I was still working on simple things like wiping spaghettios off my kitchen table before the kids put their school books back onto it after lunch.

So I didn’t attempt the school scrapbook feat right away. Instead, I threw my kids’ finished work, art projects, completed weekly school schedules, workbooks, and other school projects into a plastic bin that had drawers. Each child had a drawer with their name on it. When we went on field trips, I’d grab brochures for them and throw them into their drawers. If someone participated in a sport, I’d throw the certificate of participation into that kid’s drawer. Pictures of wacky science experiments and homeschool co-op events as well as piano lesson sheet music and DVDs of their choir concerts went in their drawers too.

It was a beautiful system. I simply threw everything in the kids’ drawers and forgot about it for the school year. (Think: school-themed junk drawers.) That I could handle. In late May, I decided I’d attempt one school scrapbook and let that experience determine if I’d do it again. I’m about as uncrafty as they come, but I was willing to try it once to gauge whether it was worth my time and energy.

Turns out I did it every May for seventeen years for each child. Everyone loved them! It was a great showpiece for the grandparents, a beautiful way to keep records for my own use (what year did Zac do xyz curriculum?) and in case we’d ever need them as a resource to demonstrate the kids’ academic progress. The kids enjoyed showing the books to friends and family, proud of their accomplishments, and through the years they would look back through them with nostalgia that warmed my heart.