The "Label" Debate

I witnessed something beautiful a few weeks ago in the vendor hall at a convention. While speaking with a homeschool dad at my booth, I gazed in awe as his six children, ages 11 and under, bounded joyfully across the convention hall with thrilled expressions of “Daddy! “Daddy! Daddy!” Each of them raced to their father and crashed into his arms, excited to be with him. As Mom approached, I said, “Wow! I’m so blessed to see all this love!”

Then their young daughter looked me in the eyes and confessed, “Sometimes Mommy gets mad at Daddy.” Next, her brother proudly showed me his elbow and announced, “I have eczema!” Finally, another daughter emerged from the family love fest, beaming to tell me, “I have a sensory processing disorder!”

Once I regained my non-giggling, thoroughly-enjoying-this-moment composure, I shared with the (embarrassed) mom how wonderful it was to experience such loving, happy, authentic, well-loved personalities. Mommy’s emotions, eczema, and a processing disorder were not holding back these kids' affection and uncontainable joy.

I surmise those things aren’t holding back their education or their relationships either.

Many parents believe that diagnosing a child (thereby assigning a “label”) carries a stigma that will impact their child negatively. To this I say, “au contraire, mon frère.”