The Library You Never Knew

Until I began homeschooling, I assumed the library was merely a place to check out reading materials and subsequently pay fines for returning them past their due date. (TBH, every once in a while my kids and I discovered past-due books under couch cushions or beneath the seats of our van or in the dark recesses of a messy closet. Okay, maybe more than once in a while. I’m pretty sure we could have a new wing of the library named after our family based on overdue books alone, but I digress.) However, once we were in the full swing of homeschooling, I became enlightened to the vast opportunities local libraries have to offer. In fact, the National Center for Educational Statistics published a survey in 2012 in which 70% of homeschooled parents cite the public library as their most valued resource (Redford et al., 2017, p.13). The best part: opportunities at the library are nearly always free! Here are thirteen ways homeschool families can take advantage of the library.

  1. Reserve a conference room or community room. You can use it for things like:

  2. Moms’ meet-ups

  3. Co-op classes (art, first aid, Spanish, etc.)

  4. Special homeschool events (science fair, holiday party, World’s Fair, service project, etc.)