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Grades 4-8


Condensed, live version of the 8-lesson video course taught by Lisa Dettinger

A workshop for students in grades 4-8 who…

…are “reluctant writers” (maybe even despise writing!)

…are “rambling writers” (I could go on and on… )

…have an aversion to grammar (“What IS the point of learning it anyway?”)

…need motivation and “tools” to become confident, independent writers! 

What to Bring


Pencil(s), sack lunch, water bottle

Host a Workshop


Want to bring a workshop to your town? Secure a location and get FREE tuition for your student if 15 or more students register for a workshop you host!

Interested in hosting a workshop near you? Please contact me here.

What is covered?

The Grades 4-8 Workshop has two phases: descriptive writing and writing for information. (FUN occurs throughout the day!)

The descriptive writing portion covers:

* Grammar (Earthworms inspire students to use powerful parts of speech.) 

* Figurative language (enter: balloons and party horns!)

* "Show me, don't tell me" (To quote Mark Twain, "Don't say the old lady screamed, bring her in and let her scream!")


The informative writing portion uses a formula that begins with a word, then moves to phrases, then to sentences, then to paragraphs, and finally to multi-paragraph essays. (Shhh, don't say "essay" until after your student participates in the workshop, when she'll have gained the tools and confidence to tackle any essay!) Power Writing’s numerical structure provides the basis for all forms of writing. It solves the writer’s frequent problem of knowingwhat to write and in what order



$80 for first student in family 

50% off for siblings ($40)

Workbook is $15.


Includes all course materials: workbook, photocopies, edible treats, prizes, props, and a classroom experience like no other! 


Payble via Paypal on this website or with cash or check in person. (Arrive 10 minutes early for registration.)

Register for a Workshop

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