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Learning grammar and sentence structure sounds boring, but this game will have your kids rolling in laughter and begging for more. It accompanies “PowerHouse Writing Grades 4-8” but the game can be played by anyone in 4th grade and up.


What: A fun sentence-building game for middle schoolers. (We played the game with our adult kids and no one wanted to stop it was such a hoot!)


Why: (Don’t tell the kids, but…) It teaches grammar, the power of words, sentence structure, and syntax - and inspires linguistic creativity!


How to Play:  The object of the game is to be the player with the most squares that are part of complete sentences. Each square contains color-coded words that are either determiners, adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, or prepositional phrases. Players put words together to create as many (zany!) sentences as possible. There are a couple different versions: in one, the sentences are all horizontal. In another, the sentences can be created crossword style. Be ready for laughter when your kids read their sentences and everyone gets to picture some hilarious scenes!


Purchasing WORD-Z will give you access to a downloadable and printable PDF with instructions and tools to play the game. You will receive a link on the Thank You page after you check out, as well as in an email.

WORD-Z The Wacky Word Game

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